Sonntag, 7. Dezember 2014

You never need to lie

Will you never ever save your eyes from crying,
will you never ever have the time to fly,
will you never ever stop your heart from dying,
will it day by day just have the time to lie?

Well, I never ever heard the angels crying,
'cause I learned that they just know it how to fly,
so they never need to stop their hearts from dying,
they just love, during the time ist passing by.

I believe you are an angel! - I'm not lying.
When I see you, I could hardly start to cry,
'cause I fear your feelings, they are dying;
and your broken wings they cannot fly.

Please believe me - even if I'm crying:
Angels need no wings - they just can fly
by the feelings in their hearts - save them from dying!
Start to love! - You never need to lie.

(Ilka Berikhan)
Dezember 2014

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