Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

I lost my love

Ilka Berikhan
(I. Kunath)
November 2014

I lost my love, I lost control,
I lost it ev'ry day,
I lost the feelings in my heart,
I lost it on the way.

I lost it on the way to you
and on the way to me,
I lost it on the way to dark,
I'll never ever see.

I'll never ever see you smile,
I'll never ever dance,
I'll never get my feelings back,
t'was just a short romance -

A short romance where our hearts
began to fly away,
yours flew to east and mine to west
on ev'ry single day.

On evry single day I know
that sometimes feelings die,
I take my soul and run away
and in my heart I cry.

And in my heart I cry the tears
I never thought I'd cry,
my heart is broken and alone,
but in my dreams I fly.

I fly to him I'd never found,
I'll maybe never find,
because my heart is hardly sick,
it's eyes are deeply blind.

The eyes are deeply blind, my Dear,
please find a way to me,
I cant't express the way I feel,
but one day you will see.

But one day you will see my love,
the fire in my mind;
the burning in my heart, my Dear
is very hard to find.

It's very hard to find someone
whose feelings are so true
like flowers in the morning sun -
I dream and think of you.

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