Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Footprints (english Version)

An old an tired man looks back
his hardly way of life along.
And he see two sets of footprints
all the way that he was gone.

But on some parts of this way
there's just one set in the sand
and he feels a big confusion
for he can not understand.

And in total depiration
he shouts for God to hear his words
and he say that there's deep sorrow
and frustration deeply hurts!

"You have promised me", he said
"that you'll be always on my side,
that ev'ry way I have to go to
you will be my leading guide!

But where is your set of footprints
in the times I need you most?
In the times of biggest troubles
I don't even see your ghost!"

And the Lord says "Hear my son!
When you felt so hardly blue
when your troubles were the deepest
it was me I carried you!"

(c) Ralf Theinert

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